Summer Staff

The theme and vision for 2022 is “Better Together”. We are better when we are in a dynamic relationship with our loving creator. And we are better when we live in humble service to each other, utilizing our unique strengths to compliment those of our teammates. This summer we are going to continue to create welcoming and encouraging spaces for our kiddos as they rebuild a new sense of normal.

2022 will be another year of unknowns, meaning that adaptability, resourcefulness, and a willingness to serve in any role is still vital for all staff members. At the same time, we are pretty confident that we will be able to run a full summer of camp with a pre-covid range of activities.

This summer we are looking for staff members that are driven to use what they have learned from previous summers to go bigger and better than ever before. For that reason, we need leaders that get energized by big challenges, are good at what they do, and have killer planning skills. They also need to be solid team players with incredible people skills; who are quick to call out the good in others and are exceptionally kind in all situations. But above all, we want people who LOVE Jesus and are passionate about leading campers to explore the great big story of God.

If that sounds like you, read on!

Here are the details you need to know:

Important Dates for Summer Staff 2022

*Disclaimer* Dates are subject to change according to COVID-19 regulations.

Core Team Training: June 4-15

Core team positions start two weeks earlier than the rest of the staff team. Core leader training will run from Saturday, June 4 to Wednesday, June 15, with a weekend break June 11-12.

First Aid Training: June 16-17

First Aid Training is provided by camp for those that need it and is set to be held June 16-17, before staff training begins. All summer staff must submit First Aid certifications (valid within two years). If certification is valid, it is not required for you to attend these two days of training. 

General Staff Training: June 20 – July 1

Staff training takes place from June 20- July 1. Please note that staff training is a mandatory requirement for all summer staff. Exceptions may be granted to staff finishing high school exams during this time.

Summer Camps: July 2 – August 27

Our week-long camps are divided by age, spanning from ages 5-7 (Scamper Camp) to 14-18 (Senior Teens). Check out our camp page here for our planned schedule of 2022 camps. 

Camp Clean-Up: August 28-30

Camp Clean-Up is our time as a staff to celebrate a summer well done, put away all programming things, and get the camp ready for fall. Staff clean-up is scheduled for August 28-30. 

Time Off

Staff will get most weekends off from Friday at 5:30 pm until Sunday at 2 pm. The 2 exception weekends that need to be worked are: Scamper camp (June 24-26) and Senior Teens/Camp Clean-Up (August 27-28). Staff members should not expect to have any additional time off given during the summer.  

Position Descriptions

Applicants can apply within 3 pools of positions: Core Team, LTD, and General Staff. Below you will find descriptions of specific positions within each pool. Please note interest in any specific role within your online application.

All applicants, regardless of role, must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, have a passion for camp ministry, and must be able to lead both themselves and peers with maturity and integrity through all types of situations.  

Core Team Positions

All Core Team Positions will begin training on June 4th.

Core leaders will be given diverse planning, managerial, and administrative responsibilities all geared towards creating a fun, relational, and safe experience for all campers, LTDs, and staff members. Applicants must be at least 19 years of age. Qualifications include tested leadership ability, self-motivation, public speaking abilities, ridiculously good people skills, and a knack for casting vision even when faced with many unknowns. Some post-secondary education is encouraged.

Core Team positions include:

 LTD Coordinator – Responsible for all parts of the Leadership Training and Discipleship (LTD) program, including training weeks, outtrips, practicum placements, and communication with LTDs and their parents. The LTD coordinator is also responsible for training and leading a team of 2-4 LTD team members, including an Outtrip Specialist. Administrative skills are critical.

Waterfront Coordinator – Responsible for all waterfront activities at Gull Lake Centre. This includes training and coordinating a team of lifeguards, boat drivers, and activity instructors to produce waterfront programming that is safe, engaging, and highly fun.  

Program Coordinator – Responsible for all non-waterfront programming at Gull Lake Centre, including wide games, theme meals, and a wide array of camper activities not limited to climbing, outdoor skills, archery, sports, drama, and arts and crafts. This position trains, coordinates, and mentors a team of program leaders.

Volunteer Coordinator –Responsible for the recruitment, training, and mentoring of all summer volunteers. The volunteer coordinator will also be responsible for supporting a team of general staff specialists, including the nurse, photographer/videographer, and worship leader.

Cabin Leader Coordinator – Two positions available. These positions are responsible for training, coordinating, and mentoring a team of 22+ cabin leaders.

LTD Team Positions

LTD Team Positions run from June 20th to August 30th, 2022. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and exceptional role models as leaders and disciples. 

This team will assist in planning and running all parts of the Leadership Training and Discipleship (LTD) program, including training weeks, outtrips, practicum placements, and the mentoring of LTD students throughout the summer.

Outtrip Specialist – This is a new position as of 2022, created to focus solely on the coordination of all LTD outtrips. The specialist will work in partnership with the LTD Coordinator to arrange gear, food, guiding services, transportation, and evaluation for the 6 off-site trips. They will also attend each trip and be responsible for the delivery of all teaching moments and activities.

General Staff Positions

General Staff positions run from June 20th to August 30th, 2022.

With the changing nature of the pandemic, the duties assigned to these roles could very well change throughout the summer. Therefore, adaptability, a sense of humor, teamwork, and a willingness to serve in any role is required to thrive in these positions. 

Cabin Leaders – Must be at least 18 years of age, actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, and exceptionally skilled at working with children and youth. Must be patient, loving, and gentle even in challenging situations. Cabin Leaders will work directly with children/youth of all ages and will be directly responsible for their physical, emotional, and spiritual health while at camp. This is the most difficult job at the camp yet is also often the most rewarding – as such, only the best are considered for this position.

Waterfront Team Members – Must possess a current NLS (Lifeguard) pool/waterfront certification and/or Pleasure Craft Operators License. A Class 5 graduated driver’s license (or better) and experience in fishing, canoe/kayak instruction, and watersports are also considered assets.

Program Leaders – Program leaders are responsible for instructing a skill area of programming. In past years skill areas have included Outdoor Extreme, Mad Science, Canoeing, Archery Climbing, Dance, Arts, Music, and more. Do you have an idea for a brand-new skill or activity to instruct? Add it to your application! Leaders must be experienced and passionate in their skill area, but also possess advanced teamwork abilities for running additional programming activities including wide games and theme meals. Creativity, lesson-planning skills, public speaking experience, adaptability, and experience working with children and youth are all critical to this job.

Nurse / First-Aider – Applicants must be at least 20 years of age and have completed a minimum of 2 years of nursing, completed EMT, or equivalent. The Nurse/First-Aider administers medications and first aid to staff, volunteers, and campers while overseeing all safety procedures. They act as the first responder in any medical emergencies. Applicants must be self-motivated, comfortable in a leadership role, exceptionally gentle and kind, and ready to take initiative. 

Worship Leader – This position is responsible for leading all musical worship during daily Chapel and Campfire times. They will recruit and train a team of volunteers to assist on the worship team. They may also be asked to assist with assorted camp activities, such as theme meals and tuck shop administration. Excellent communication and technical skills are required, in addition to sound spiritual leadership.

Videographer/Photographer – Responsible for producing weekly photo and video content to be used in social media and newsletter communications, in addition to portrait photography and producing a weekly summary video of camps. Excellent time management, creativity, and technical skills are required.

Camp Host duties include setting up for meals, dish pit responsibilities, general cleaning, and other duties as required.

Cleaning duties include cleaning bathrooms, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, emptying garbage cans, stocking storerooms, laundry, etc.  Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs, be detail-oriented, and be able to take instructions and work by yourself.

Maintenance duties include mowing lawns, groundwork, small construction, painting jobs, etc.  Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs, be willing to work outside, be able to take instructions, and work by yourself.

Other potential positions that may be created within the General Staff. Watch this page for more information.

Questions? We’d love to hear them! Contact our Program Manager, Evangeline.