Summer Staff Positions

Important Dates for Summer Staff 2020

First Aid Training

First Aid Training is provided by camp as part of staff training on June 10-11. All summer staff must submit First Aid certifications (valid within two years). If certification is valid, it is not required for you to attend these two days of training.

Staff Training

Staff Training takes place from June 15-26. Please note that staff training is a mandatory requirement for all summer staff.

Weekends at Camp

Summer staff get most weekends off from Friday at 5:30 pm until Sunday at 2 pm, but there are a few mandatory weekends: June 19-21, June 26-28, and August 21-23.

Core team positions start May 25 and require more experience in both a worldly and camping sense.  The positions range from 12-15 weeks. Applicants must be at least 19 years of age.

Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, have a passion for camp ministry, have a very diligent work ethic, and have the ability to lead their peers through both heavy and light situations.

Core leader training will run from May 25 – June 15.

Core Team Positions

A-Team Positions (May 11 – August 26)

These are 2 new key leadership positions to our staff structure model. This time will be directly under the program manager and will serve directly alongside the assistant program manager. This team of 3 will be responsible for leading the day-to-day experience of camp. They will act as leaders of the summer core leadership team.

Cabin Leader Coordinator (May 25 – August 26)

Mentor and equip cabin leaders in a way that supports our goal of giving each camper the best week of their year. We plan to hire both a male and female coordinator and they will work closely together to lead the cabin leading team.

LTD Coordinator (May 1 – August 26)

Oversee the Leadership Training and Discipleship program which includes running LTD week and LTD out-trips. Also equipping and mentoring three LTD team members and the LTD students.

Waterfront Coordinator (May 25 – August 26)

Mentor and equip the waterfront team, and oversee the waterfront program. They will be responsible for all waterfront safety and the training of waterfront staff. The waterfront coordinator is required to have current NLS certifications. It is also a great asset to possess a Pleasure Craft Operator’s license. Strong leadership and decision making qualities are required for this position.

Volunteer Coordinator (May 25 – August 26)

Recruit and lead all volunteers throughout the summer. Each week the camp requires roughly 5 – 10 volunteers that the volunteer coordinator is responsible for. There will be other key camp leadership and administrative responsibilities in this core role. The volunteer coordinator also leads the summer facilitator team.

Program Coordinator (May 25 – August 26)

The program coordinator oversees and support the summer program staff team. Responsibilities include managing all skill group leaders, cabin time special events, wide games, and evening programming to create an exceptional experience for campers.

Cabin Leading Team Positions

Cabin Leader positions at Gull Lake start on June 15th. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, be exceptionally skilled at working with children/youth by being patient, loving, and gentle. This is the most difficult job at the camp but it also has the potential to be the most rewarding as Cabin Leaders are on the front lines with the campers. It is a position that should not be taken lightly and as a result only the best are considered.

Program Team Positions

Program Team positions start June 15th. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, hardworking, flexible, motivated, skilled with children/youth, and be willing to work on a team.

This summer we are looking to enhance our Skills & Activities program and we are looking for Program Leaders who are experienced and passionate about their skill.

Program team leaders will be specialized in their Skill area and are expected to prepare a lesson plan and teach that skill to campers during a 2 hour block of time once/day for 4 days of the week. They will also be required to lead our morning Activities that the kids will also register for prior to arriving for camp. The skill lesson plan versus activity plan must be different. The rest of the day will be spent running other aspects of the programming – wide games, theme meals, worship, and other duties as required.

We want to empower our Program Leaders to take initiative and ownership of their individual skill. Through the application and hiring process we want those applying to Program Leader positions to pitch us their vision of a creative skill idea that they would love to lead. Obviously there are some staples at camp, like climbing wall, outdoor extreme, and arts, but if you have a fantastic idea for a skill let us know about it on your application and if you are hired we will work with you to develop this skill. Even if you are applying for one of the staples we still want you to pitch us how this skill would run on a day to day basis.

Wide Game Leader

You will lead an activity every morning and be a member of the program team. Each afternoon you will prep the wide game for the evening. We are looking for someone who is dynamic, expressive, and creative!  We’d love to see a whole lot of passion for what wide games can be, we’re looking for someone who is skilled at running them, and willing to take risks to improve the old and introduce the new.

Outdoor Extreme Leader

Sometimes the outdoors can get extreme… especially when it involves archery tag, fire building, fort making, and survival skills of all sorts! We’re looking for someone who can take a group of active kids and keep the learning while on the run. If you love the outdoors and teaching kids all about them… this could be your fit!

Mad Science Leader

This position has a whole realm of creative potential and we’re looking for someone who is passionate about science, loves teaching kids in uniquely creative and dramatic ways, and knows how to experiment well. It involves working safely with everything from dry ice to various elements of the periodic table.

Canoe Leader

We have the unique asset of having a whole lake to run programming and we’d love to up our canoe program here! This involves taking a group of kids across the lake, teaching paddling techniques, teaching different aspects of the ecosystem, and creating some unique fun. Perhaps the canoe skill could even go on a day trip. We’re looking for someone with a dream of what this could be.

Archery & Axe Throwing Leader

Can you see a target and hit the bulls eye? Have impressive skills on the axe throwing range? This program position could be for you! We’re looking for someone with some experience to develop these ranges into what they can be. If you love teaching kids practical skills, this could be for you.

Camp Shenanigans Leader

This skill/activity will basically be throwing all the things that don’t have a specific place they belong, but sum up what kids love about camp. It’ll include things like bumper balls, hanging out in hammocks, Frisbee golf, gaga ball, and all the other general camp shenanigans.

Storytelling Leader

Do you have the gift of engaging people in stories? Reading stories, writing stories, acting out stories, teaching others to tell stories. This is a dramatic skill that will involve some charisma.

Dance Leader

Do you love moving to a beat and teaching others to express themselves through dance? This could be the spot for you. It could look anything like hip hop, acro, circus, modern, essentially you choose the flavor. You can choreograph routines, work on skill development, and play games like freeze dance.

Climbing Wall Leader

Lead all climbing wall and low ropes programming. We’ll hire 2 staff who are responsible for all aspects of climbing wall safety. Mentor and equip climbing wall assistants and campers on the wall. Carry the responsibility for maintaining a positive environment at the wall. Will be required to take a climbing lead course directed by the camp.

Arts Leader

Lead the arts skill group and make it absolutely awesome! We’d love to see this area reach new heights. Prepare lesson plans and lead campers through pottery, crafts, painting, and other artistic expressions. We’re looking for someone who will bring some creative and dynamic flare to what this looks like.

Music Leader We’re looking for someone with some musical talent that can create an awesome learning experience for kids of all ages and abilities. This can look like leading ukulele, but it could be as open as leading a percussion or drumming skill. It could even evolve into musical theatre where music and stories speak together.

Waterfront Team Positions

Waterfront Team positions at Gull Lake start on June 15th. Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, be very hard working, and understand how to run the waterfront program safely and effectively.  There are roughly 6 positions and applicants must possess one or more of the following assets:

  • NLS – pool certification (Lifeguard)
  • NLS – waterfront certification
  • Boating experience as well as a Pleasure Craft Operators License
  • Class 5 graduated license or better.
  • Watersports experience (water-skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, surfing)
  • Experience in canoe instructing
  • Fishing experience

The more assets an applicant possesses, the more likely they will be hired to the waterfront team.

LTD Team Positions

The LTD team positions start on June 8th. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life. They will assist in the overseeing of the Leadership Training and Discipleship program as well as mentoring and equipping LTDs.

  • LTD Coordinator (& Level Leader)
  • LTD Out Trip Leader (& Level Leader)
  • LTD Level Leaders

The LTD team positions are the most sought after positions at the camp. Applicants will be prayerfully selected but there are very few spots. Make sure that if you do apply for this position that you also fill out all three of your position choices.

Facilitator Positions

Facilitator positions are those positions that don’t necessarily fall under a certain core leader and are also not considered core team positions.  Those hired to be facilitators answer directly to the Facilitator Team Coordinator. Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life.  They must be organized, self-motivated, tech savvy, and work well with others.

Worship Leader (June 15 – Aug 26)

Oversee all aspects of worship oriented activities. Plan and direct chapel sessions. Mentor and equip members of the worship team. Be ready to take on other challenges such as tuck, sound setup.

Videographer (June 15 – Aug 26)

Oversee all aspects of film and video at the camp. Put together a professional week-end camp video and create other special projects for camp promotion and marketing. Must be creative, flexible, have a strong independent work ethic and must be willing to take on other challenges.

Photographer (June 15 – Aug 26)

Oversee all aspects related to photography and the summer experience. Organize and assemble cabin photos each week. Must carry the skills to tell the Gull Lake story through social media channels by preparing daily posts. Strong and engaging communication and storytelling skills are essential to this role. This position will also be responsible for preparing content for our social media channels.

Summer Administrator (May 25 – Aug 26)

This is a jack of all trades role that helps all teams in a supportive capacity. Oversee and create a fun tuck shop experience for campers throughout the summer, assist with registration and administrative details, assist with kitchen communication, prepare the memorable moments snacks, and support special theme days and events.

Nurse / First-Aid Position (June 15 – August 26)

Nurse/First-Aid applicants must be at least 20 years of age and have completed a minimum of 2 years of nursing, completed EMT, or equivalent. They are responsible for the collection of all camper’s medication, safe administration, documentation, as well as acts as a first responder to first aid and emergencies.

Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, be hardworking, self-motivated, show initiative, and be able to take direction from those in leadership. The Nurse/First-Aider administers medications and first aid to staff, volunteers, and campers while overseeing all safety procedures.

Maintenance Team (June 15 – Aug 26)

Work in a team atmosphere behind the scenes to keep the camp running smoothly. Work duties include mowing, weed whipping, building projects, and other various tasks. The maintenance team also assists the program staff in practical setup.

Spring and Fall Staff

Spring Staff (April 29 – June 15)

We hire a few summer staff positions with an earlier start date to help us in the early camp preparations to gear up for the summer. This includes work projects such as hanging rocks on the climbing wall, moving equipment around, general camp maintenance, setting up tipis, etc. It also includes running programming for our rental groups, as well as hosting, cleaning, and assisting in the kitchen.

We hire a few summer staff positions with an earlier start date to host our spring rental groups and facilitate programming for them. We’ll be looking for extra help specifically this year with our 100th anniversary around the corner. These positions also include work projects such as hanging rocks on the climbing wall, moving equipment around, general camp maintenance, setting up tipis, etc.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please email us directly once your summer staff application has been submitted.

Fall Staff (August 27 – October 4)

We also have a few staff positions available in the fall where we keep summer staff on to help us return camp into retreat season order and host our groups as well as run programming for our fall bookings. This also includes some general cleaning and maintenance work. Please talk with us during the summer if this interests you.