Summer Staff

2020 was a summer of many firsts and great lessons learned. We saw our staff team rise to the challenge of running camp during a pandemic: building relationships, making memories, and developing brand new programming on the fly – all while wearing masks! This year, we’re ready to do it again. 

It’s going to be another summer of unknowns. We need people that are extraordinarily kind, patient, adaptable, and innovative. People that just love camp and people, and therefore are willing to serve in any role to help make camp amazing. Summer 2021 could include day camps, mini overnight retreats, back-to-back LTD weeks, online teaching, touring or “pop-up” camps in multiple cities… heck, even “drive-by” camp on bikes!

We believe that our staff this summer will have a unique, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity to dream up fresh and meaningful ways to bless campers when they need us most. If you’re up to that challenge, read on!

Here are the details you need to know:

Important Dates for Summer Staff 2021

*Disclaimer* All dates mentioned below are tentative, and could be suddenly changed based on COVID-19 trends and regulations. This is a hopeful outline of what summer could look like for staff:

Core Team Training

Core team positions may start as early as June 1st and can range from 12-15 weeks. Core leader training will likely run from June 1-16.

First Aid Training

First Aid Training is provided by camp for those that need it, and is set to be held June 17-18, before staff training begins. All summer staff must submit First Aid certifications (valid within two years). If certification is valid, it is not required for you to attend these two days of training. 

Staff Training

Staff training takes place from June 21- July 2. Please note that staff training is a mandatory requirement for all summer staff.

Weekends at Camp

In a usual summer, staff get most weekends off from Friday at 5:30 pm until Sunday at 2 pm, with a few mandatory weekends that must be worked. These may include Scamper camp (June 25-27), Family Camp (August long weekend), and Senior Teens/Camp Clean Up (August 28-29).

Summer Camps 

Held June 25 – August 27, including LTD week (July 3-9). Week-long camps are usually divided by age, spanning from ages 5-7 (Scamper Camp) to 14-18 (Senior Teens). Multiple ages may be hosted at once if day camps are held due to COVID regulations. Check out our camp page here for last year’s breakdown of camps. 

Camp Clean Up

Camp Clean Up is our time as a staff to celebrate a summer well done, put away all programming things, and get the camp ready for fall. Clean up will likely be held August 29-31. 

Position Descriptions

This year, applicants can apply for just 3 pools of positions: Core Team, LTD, and General Staff. 

All applicants, regardless of role, must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, have a passion for camp ministry, have a very diligent work ethic, and have the ability to lead their peers through both heavy and light situations. 

General Staff Positions

Similar to the core positions, staff in this area will be hired onto a general staff team without defined responsibilities. As the summer draws closer and we learn what types of camp (both on and off-site) will be possible, these staff members will be assigned roles and trained accordingly. We will do our best to assign roles according to skills, experience, and interests, but it is possible that a staff member’s role (and location) may change several times during the summer. Therefore adaptability, humility, a sense of humour, teamwork and a willingness to serve in any role is especially required in order to thrive in this position. 

Cabin Leaders must be at least 18 years of age, must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, and be exceptionally skilled at working with children/youth by being patient, loving, and gentle. Cabin leaders will work directly with children/youth of all ages, and will be directly responsible for their physical, emotional, and spiritual health while at camp. This is the most difficult job at the camp but it also has the potential to be the most rewarding. It is a position that should not be taken lightly and as a result only the best are considered.

Program leaders must be at least 18 years of age. Based on what types of camp we are able to run, program activities may include our usual offerings (Wide Games, Outdoor Extreme, Mad Science, Canoeing, Archery & Axe Throwing, Climbing, Dance, Arts, Music, Storytelling) or something completely new. Do you have an idea for a brand new skill or activity? Add it to your application! We are looking for people talented and passionate in their skill area, but also willing to pitch in ideas and muscle to other teams. The surprise blessing of a COVID summer is that the camp mould might be blown completely open. However, this means that work ethic, planning skills, adaptability, comfort with the unknown, teamwork, and the willingness to get messy while trying out new ideas are all critical to this job. Exceptional skills for working with children and youth are also needed. 

Camp Host duties include setting up for meals, dish pit responsibilities, general cleaning, and other duties as required.

Cleaning duties will include, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, emptying garbages, stock store rooms, laundry etc.  Must be able to left 50 lbs, be able to take instructions and work by yourself.

Maintenance duties will include, mowing lawns, ground work, emptying garbages, small painting jobs, etc.  Must be able to left 50 lbs, willing to work outside, able to take instructions and work by yourself.

Should the camp be able to run waterfront activities this year, we are also looking for Waterfront Team Members with the following certifications:   NLS (Lifeguard) pool/waterfront certification and Pleasure Craft Operators License (as well as boating experience). A Class 5 graduated driver’s license (or better), fishing experience, canoe instruction experience, and watersports experience (water-skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, surfing) are also assets. Please mention these in your application. 

For the Nurse / First-Aid Position,  applicants must be at least 20 years of age and have completed a minimum of 2 years of nursing, completed EMT, or equivalent. The Nurse/First-Aider administers medications and first aid to staff, volunteers, and campers while overseeing all safety procedures. They act as the first responder in any medical emergencies. Applicants must be self-motivated, comfortable in a leadership role, exceptionally gentle and kind, and ready to take initiative. 

Other potential positions that may be created within the General Staff area include Worship Leader, Videographer, Photographer, Maintenance Team, Special Events Facilitator, and other administrative roles. New roles may also be created within the areas of online programming and social media. 

Core Team Positions

All Core Team Positions will likely start training on June 1st and require more camp and general work experience. In a typical summer, these positions include Cabin Leader Coordinator(s), LTD Coordinator, Waterfront Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and Program Coordinator. This summer, Core Team members will be hired onto a general core team, then will be called on to lead, equip, and support whatever staff teams best fit the changing needs of camp during another COVID summer. 

Applicants must be at least 19 years of age, and at least some post-secondary education is encouraged. We are looking for people with tested leadership ability, ridiculously good people skills, and a knack for casting vision even when faced with many unknowns. Core leaders will have diverse planning, managerial, administrative responsibilities all geared towards creating an uniquely fun, relational, and safe experience for all campers, LTDs, and staff members. As required, core leaders may also be called upon to serve other parts of camp in diverse roles or diverse locations off-site. Exceptional self-motivation, work ethic, creativity, humility, and teamwork skills are required in order to work with other leaders in creating what might be a totally different way of running camp. 

LTD Team Positions

LTD Team Positions may start as early as June 1st or as late as June 21st. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, and be exceptional role models as leaders and disciples. 

Due to much of the Leadership Training and Discipleship (LTD) program being reduced or canceled in 2020, Summer 2021 will give a disproportionate emphasis to LTD student development. This team will assist in planning and running the LTD program, including any training weeks, outtrips, practicum placements, and retreats. They are also responsible for mentoring, equipping, and supporting LTD students throughout the summer. The LTD team may be expanded this summer to help facilitate more LTD events (and in more locations, both off-site and online), as well as greater one-on-one mentoring. 

Questions? We’d love to hear them! Contact our Program Manager, Evangeline.