Info for Current LTDs

COVID-19 Update:

We know you’re all wondering, what is going to happen this summer? The changing nature of the COVID -19 pandemic is still making it difficult to give solid upcoming dates for in-person LTD gatherings. The LTD program is Gull Lake’s number one priority for the year, and teaching and service opportunities will still be provided, although maybe in an online or small group format. Check back soon for more updates!

2021 LTD Applications

Applications open February 3rd!

The deadline for Level 2 and 3 LTD applications to continue the program is March 1.  Level 2 and 3 students need one reference from each of the following:

  • Their mentor
  • A pastor from their church
  • A parent or guardian

If you have any questions please contact the LTD team for more information!