LTD Core Competencies

The core competencies for the LTD Program are seven different areas that an LTD will have grown in by the end of the three year program.


Students are able to demonstrate an awareness of self in distinction from others. Students know their personal identity in the form of strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and styles, as well as their overarching identity in Christ. Students understand that their identity, while significant, can change, and their choices can shift or solidify their identity.

Critical Thinking

Students are able to think with intentional purpose to weigh and judge information available to them to discern the truth and demonstrate informed decision making.


Students are able to convey ideas, deliver messages, and inspire vision in a one-on-one, small group, and large group setting.

Practical Leadership

Students will be able to comprehend and apply an understanding of what leadership is. They will identify leadership traits and be able to model the ones they identify with. Students will understand that the leader’s role is one of service to the larger group.

Christian Practice

Students will act in a way that reflects a transformative relationship with Christ. Living as someone who has received grace from a higher power and in turn affords that grace to others.

Integrated Living

Students live in a way that reflects an understanding of a holistic life. Living with a desire for a healthy heart, soul, body, and mind. Loving God, and their neighbor; caring for the world around them (Matthew 22:38-39, NIV).

Biblical Literacy

Students will be able to comprehend the bible, it’s historical context and current day applications, and apply those lessons to their own lives.