Family Camping


July 31 – August 2


NOTE: This is going to be VERY different than our usual family camps

Second note: seriously, it’s going to be very different.  Please have totally different expectations than usual. 

We are going to open up a limited number of cabins for families to rent for the July 31-Aug 2 weekend (Friday to Sunday of the long weekend).  Families can rent a cabin and have delicious food from our caterers.  We will offer some light programming such as a station game and perhaps some “camp in a box” activities including crafts and games.  We are looking at creating a self-directed family devotional for the weekend that engages the family in conversation around faith, life, and being a family.  The beach is a public space, and will always be open, but we won’t be providing equipment or lifeguards. 

We must follow COVID guidelines.  This is a must.  The risk of becoming an outbreak location is much higher with family camp because it is overnight, and frankly, families don’t always follow the rules as well as campers.  We do not want to become an outbreak location because that would force us to cancel the day camps that happen the following week. 

To navigate COVID, we will allow families to group into cohorts.  A cohort could be a single family or up to 3 families.  If you want to keep your cohort to only your family – great!  If you want to group up with one or two other families for the weekend – also great!  The families in the cohorts can interact with each other, just like the “COVID bubbles”, but contact with families outside of your cohort will not be allowed.  Parents will be responsible for their kids at all times to make sure that proper distancing is followed. 

We are doing this to allow families to get out of the house this summer for a change of pace.  We are not making any money off of this.  The cost will be $150 per cabin plus the cost of food ($57 per person, kids under 2 are no cost).  For a family of 4, you get 2 nights’ accommodation, 4 meals (3 meals Saturday and breakfast Sunday), some light programming and access to the beach for $378 ($57 for each additional person).  If that fits your expectations then we would love to have you here!