Day Camps 10am – 4pm


August 4-7; 10-14




What to Expect

The summer staff have finally started and we are working hard to create a day camp experience that will be impactful, memorable, relational, and incredibly fun while still being safe and following all of the Alberta COVID-19 guidelines.  We pride ourselves on being a professional organization that goes above and beyond in our safety considerations, our relational atmosphere, and our creation of ridiculous fun.  Camp might look different this year, but it’s going to feel the same.  You can count on us to create an experience and memories that will last a lifetime as we created space for campers to connect with Christ and each other. 

We will continue to work out the details and schedules, but you can expect a theme day filled with beach time, great staff, games and activities, connection with Christ, and surprises.  There might even be a sneak out. 

We will get wet.  We will get muddy.  We will have fun.  A packing list will be emailed out before the day with instructions on what to bring and how to prepare for camp.  We are going to try and cram a week’s worth of camp into 6 hours, so you will need to come ready!

Dates: August 4-7; 10-14

You can sign up for 1 day or multiple days.  If you are really keen you can even sign up for them all! If it goes really well and there is a demand and we still can’t do overnight camps then we will add more dates for the second half of August. 

Time: 10am – 4pm

Ages: 7-14 years old

We will divide sub-cohort groups by age. 

Cost: $30 per camper per day

You must pay in full to secure your spot but you can cancel at anytime for any reason and receive a full refund.  If we need to cancel a camp or turn a camper away due to COVID you will also receive a full refund. 

How are we navigating COVID?

  • All staff will wear masks during the camps except when eating – in which case they will maintain a minimum 2-meter distance. 
  • Campers will be split into two larger cohorts of about 30 total people (campers and leaders) and then those cohorts will be broken down into sub-cohorts of about 10 people (8 campers, 2 leaders) which will have its own meeting space, bathroom, equipment, and porta-potty at the beach. 
  • Within the sub-cohorts, distancing of 2 meters will be maintained for the most part but will not always be guaranteed.  We will not plan activities where campers are coming in close contact with each other, but we know kids and sometimes they run/play close to each other during the course of a game.  For example, we might play a game of pool noodle tag where the person who is “it” has a 2-meter pool noodle to tag people with. The game is designed to keep a proper physical distance, but as campers run and weave around each other they may come closer than 2 meters.  Games like this will only be played in the sub-cohorts with about 10 total people. 
  • The larger cohort groupings will be used during beach time and campers will be encouraged to spread out.  Equipment such as sand pails, canoes, etc. will be designated to specific sub-cohort and will be disinfected after each day. 
  • The two larger cohorts will not interact in anyway with each other. 
  • Physical contact will not be allowed. 
  • All campers and staff will hand sanitize each time they enter their meeting space, use a bathroom, and before and after they use any equipment.  Hand sanitizer will be provided by the camp.
  • There will be no sharing.  Campers must bring their own: lunch, snacks, water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray. 


  • Sub-cohorts will work like our typical cabins.  They will be grouped by age and you can request to be in the same sub-cohort as someone else. 
  • Sub-cohorts will be mixed gendered this summer because it doesn’t involve sleeping accommodations. 

How will drop off work?

  • Following Alberta Health guidelines, all non-campers will stay in their vehicles during drop-off and pick-up.  We will have staff who will be wearing masks and will check your camper(s) in at the parking lot and confirm who will be picking them up at the end of the day. 
  • There will be an active symptom questionnaire that all campers (or parents on their behalf) must answer before being allowed on site. 
  • If campers or leaders are sick or feeling/exhibiting cold/flu symptoms they must not be on site.  If a camper/leader develops symptoms during the day they will be immediately quarantined and sent home.