Conquer the Camp

Have serious fun at camp while supporting the next generation of leaders.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Registration is at 12 noon, and the race begins at 1pm sharp! The race is over at 5pm with supper and award ceremony to follow.

Donate to a Conquer the Camp Racer

You can use your credit card to donate to a Conquer the Camp racer. Please be sure to let us know the name of the racer you are donating towards.

As Challenging As You Want It To Be

This is a choose your own adventure race.  If you want an easy, chill afternoon at camp with a few fun activities sprinkled in – great! You can do that. If you want to win, expect to go as hard as you can for 4 hours running fast between stations and choosing your route wisely to maximize on points with an efficient use of time. Events will include (but are not limited to) wall climbing, archery, hatchet toss, challenge courses (balance beams, net crossing, etc), canoeing, puzzles, salmon ladder, and general shenanigans. These challenges are designed to test the participants both physically and mentally, and they will require individual skill combined with effective teamwork and endurance.

The team with the most points at the end wins! Bonus points are available with additional fundraising and for matching/creative race attire. The coveted Camp Cup will be awarded to the winning pair. In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by the top fundraiser of the tied teams.


Conquer the Camp will be held at Gull Lake Centre. The event is open to people of all ages, however kids under the age of 14 must be paired with an adult as their teammate.  If you have 2 young kids and would like to form a team of three (1 adult, 2 children) that is totally fine. 

The event begins at noon with registration.  There will be bagged snacks for each racer (Cliff Bar, fruit, drink, etc).  Orientation begins at 12:30pm with the race happening between 1:00 and 5:00pm sharp.  Picnic supper with burgers and chicken fingers to follow with awards presentation. 

Each racer is required to fundraise a minimum of $175 ($350/team). Pledge sheets are provided to help racers track their fundraising. We provide tax receipts for donations above $20.

Bonus points are awarded for teams that raise above the $350 minimum:

  • Raising $500 as a team earns 1 bonus point
  • Raising $750 as a team earns 3 bonus points
  • Raising $1000 as a team earns 5 bonus points
  • Raising $1500 as a team earns 10 bonus points

An additional 2 bonus points are awarded for team costumes. The challenges will be spread throughout the camp and will be worth a total of around 100 points, so earning bonus points will go a long way towards winning the Camp Cup.

Why Conquer the Camp?

At Gull Lake Centre we believe in the importance of youth. We believe that by investing in dozens of youth today we will be blessing an entire generation in the future. We invest in the youth of today by dedicating time and resources to train and equip them to become who God created them to be. Some of these young people are called to be leaders, so for them we have the Leadership Training and Discipleship (LTD) program. The LTD program costs around $200,000 annually to operate. Our goal is to raise $30,000 through this race to subsidize the costs to the students and make the program accessible to all.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Conquer the Camp?


Conquer the Camp is a “choose your own adventure race”! Teams of 2 have 4 hours to earn points by completing as many challenges as they can.


What kind of challenges?


We have a wide variety of challenges. We have some that are designed specifically for kids to excel at such as bouldering through a hoola-hoop, or catching a marshmallow in your mouth. We have others that are geared to challenge the athletes out there, such as a salmon ladder, and slackline. We also have a whole lot of stuff that is just ridiculous and fun that you get to try like hatchet throwing, arrow catching, balance-boarding, breath holding, wall climbing, puzzle solving, and much more!


Who is this event for?


People who love having fun outside! Basically, we have taken our favorite things and smashed them into a 4-hour event. This is created to be a choose your own adventure race with options that are silly, challenging, playful, ridiculous, adventurous, strategic, delicious, and weird. It’s all the fun stuff of summer camp without the mosquitoes! If you want a hardcore afternoon of running around, you can do that. If you want a very relaxed afternoon with your kid or grandkid, you can do that! You get to pick how you want the day to go.


How do we choose the events?


Each team will be given a map with all of the challenges clearly marked with a description, point total, and level of difficulty. You can then choose which events you go to. There will be at least 40 challenges and about 30 teams so there shouldn’t be any wait time for the challenges you want to try.


What does it cost?


This is a fundraiser for the LTD program. Each racer must raise $175 ($350 per team) to participate. We have generous sponsors who have covered the cost of the event so that all money raised goes directly to the LTD program. All donations over $20 are eligible for a donation receipt. Bonus points are awarded for extra fundraising!


There are four ways to donate: through a racer, online, by phone, or by mail.

Donating via a Racer

Each racer has pledge sheets to help track donations. Racers can accept cash or cheques made out to Gull Lake Centre.

For information about donations made online, by phone, or by mail, check out our support page for details. If you are donating to support a specific participant be sure to include a message to notify us which racer the pledge should go towards.

About the LTD Program

The LTD program exists to give potential young leaders the experience and tools they need to follow God’s call of leadership. We focus on creating a community where ideas can be shared, questions asked, and challenges accepted. We tell our students the great story of God and how they are active participants in this continuing epic. We push them to lead and try things that are new and difficult. Failure is not something to be feared but embraced as a part of the learning process. We give them experience so they develop confidence that can be taken back to their home community when they are finished their time with us. We send them out with the expectation to lead and to lead well.

Thanks to Our Generations Sponsors for Making This Event Possible