Jr Teens


July 10-15, 2022






Junior Teens is a popular week for campers between the ages of 12 and 14. These are important developmental years for teenagers and we have designed the week with this in mind. You can expect wild, memorable, experiences; challenging speakers; and lots of space for the cultivation of meaningful peer relationships.

Check-in is between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm on the first day of camp.

Pick-up is at 1:30 pm on the last day of camp.

Theme Meal

Each week of camp we have costume-based theme meals. We decorate the dining hall, play music to the theme, get into character and make it a fun event. Campers can participate by coming prepared with a costume. If you’re not sure what to do, no stress. Our staff are creative and will help make sure the whole cabin has fun with it!

2022 Theme Meals:

Canadian Stereotypes: O Canada! Lumberjacks, red necks, fishermen, tim bits, Canadian geese and all your local Canadians come out to joke around and eat. If you have an idea for a Canadian stereotype, bring it! Costume ideas: plaid shirt, toque, hockey jersey, DIY moose antlers, or Tim Hortons cups.  

Star Wars: In a galaxy far far away Gull Lake campers will dress up for a space adventure! Jedi’s, Bounty Hunters, Princess Leia or any other Star Wars related costume for a galactic meal! Costume ideas: brown bathrobes for jedis, pin-on hair tie donuts for princess leia hair, DIY yoda ears, or DIY stormtrooper helmet made out of a cardboard box.

What to Expect

Wake Up

Around 8:00 we wake up the campers and start off the day with some short wake-up activities or games such as pillow fights, relay races, or other fun challenges. Campers are usually still a little drowsy but they wake up just in time for breakfast.

Skills Time

During this two-hour block of the day, campers participate in many of the different activities we have at camp. Anything from tubing, climbing, drama, arts, archery, and bumper balls, just to name a few.

Lunch & Tuck

After eating lunch in the dining hall it’s time for tuck – a shop with candy, drinks, camp clothing, and other cool stuff. Campers preorder from the tuck shop at breakfast time and have the order delivered to them right after lunch for them to enjoy the afternoon.

Beach Time

We head down to the beach while the afternoon is still young and spend a few hours in the sun. At the beach, campers can go tubing, build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, frolic in the water, or just relax on the beach while having a great conversation with a friend.

Cabin Time

After the beach, there is time set aside for campers to hang out with their cabin and get a taste of the different things camp has to offer. All of the activities from skills time (tubing, climbing, arts, games, etc) can be done as a cabin.


Once every week we have a theme meal. Keep your eyes open for when we announce our theme meals so you can put together a costume and come have a blast at supper!

Evening Event

Each night we play a massive wide game with the entire camp participating. Favorites include Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Civilization, and many others.

Mug Up

Mug Up is just a code word we use for an evening snack.

Evening Session

Everyone gathers for some time to worship together. The speaker will give a talk or someone will share their testimony during this time.

Lights Out

After some wind-down time spent hanging out and getting ready for bed, everyone hits the sack for the night.