Activities and Skills

Activities are each morning and the camper will do a different activity each day.

Skills are in the afternoon and the camper will do the same skill each day.

Art is a creative skill, where kids work with painting, drawing, fabric and many strange materials. Campers learn to create and build whatever their imagination designs. This skill is fun for anyone, and inspires creativity in a safe and fun environment.

Extreme Tag is an adventure filled blast! Campers play a variety of tag style games such as paint tag, chase tag, canoe tag, ball tag and more. This skill also lets Campers participate in unique camp offerings such as Archery Tag and Bumper Balls.

Mad Science will help grow campers minds in the world of science and experiments. Campers get to try out many fun experiments and learn in the funnest way possible. This skill never has a dull moment, always bringing the fire both literally and figuratively.

Great Outdoors will bring kids into nature! Campers become experienced in how to survive in the outdoors. Campers learn to test their skills at shelter building, fire building and archery!

Impractical Trick Shots is perfect for kids that love crazy! This skill brings brains and silly together, as campers complete and create wild trick shots. This skill is always full of surprises. This skill is heavily inspired by the Youtubers Dude Perfect, please check them out.

Music will have kids learning to play Ukulele! Campers learn an instrument and get to try it out all over camp. If you have never had the opportunity to learn the ways of music; this is your chance! (Available for Inter, Jr Teens & Sr Teens camps only.)

Super Sports will have kids playing many different sports! Campers learn teamwork and strategy as they develop their skills. Camp has access to an abundance of sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, Floor hockey, Dodgeball, and Spike Ball who knows what sport we’ll get up too. Camp brings many kids together to try new things and have fun room to play!

Climbing Wall is a camp classic. Camp offers the opportunity to climb with auto-belays and staff belayers. A lot of fun and crazy can be had with games of all kinds on the wall. This fear-conquering skill is perfect for the adventurous kids.

Dance to the beat of our drum! Camp teaches kids full routines and has a trained dance instructor. Gull Lake Centre is fully equipped to have kids break out of their shell and try something new.

WaterFRONT is a blast! Head to the lake, ride some boats and bounce on the tubes. Ride the waves on Gull Lake and have some fun in the sun!

WaterSPORTS (Skill only for Jr Teens & Sr Teens) Here is your chance to try out some of our water sports including water skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing and maybe even a little bit of tubing. Ride the waves on Gull Lake and have some fun in the sun!