2022 Activities


Hang out and explore the diverse sport of climbing. Gull Lake boasts 5 diverse top rope and bouldering walls with varying levels of difficulty to test the strength and technique of all ages. In a relaxed and fun environment, campers will learn proper climbing techniques including balance, grip, flexibility, foot placement, strategy, and more. Older campers will also have the chance to learn how to belay and – for the truly brave – even repel!

Art Attack 

This skill isn’t your typical crafts class. Where else do you get to construct (and destroy!) a playdough city, paint with your toes, make your very own origami throwing star, or explode paint balloons with darts? Art is all about exploring your own creativity and ingenuity to craft something totally new, then making it bigger and better than you ever thought imaginable. You will learn artistic techniques from talented and knowledgeable leaders as you create your own masterpiece.

Outdoor Survival

Survival skills are a classic camp activity. At Gull Lake, campers will be taught about the land and plants around them as well as how to make traps and shelters, create fires, capture water, and practice basic orienteering. Along with the introductory skills of outdoor living, campers will also have the opportunity to learn the timeless hunting skill of archery at our brand-new archery range. If you love being in the great outdoors then Outdoor Survival is a great option for you.


Projectiles is our newest skill on the block and as the name suggests, this skill is about any and all things that FLY. Think archery, dart guns, catapults, and – fan favourite – rockets spanning from the size of a matchstick to one that can launch over 1000 ft in the sky! Learn the basics of aerodynamics then get to designing and testing your own.

Drama and Video

Do you like performing, directing, or telling stories? Then Drama is the skill for you. Explore not only the basics of improv, acting and performance but also the filming and editing of vines and other short films. Show off your new abilities and brilliant films at skit night at the end of the week!


Move over, gym class. You can play soccer anywhere, but have you tried soccer in Bumper Balls? How about Archery Tag mixed with Dodge Ball?? Build your coordination and agility with games like Spikeball and Speedball, or up your strategy and decision making with wild new games like “Bolf” (not a typo) mixing baseball, golf, AND tennis. If you like being active, Sports has something exciting for you.


We are called Gull LAKE for a reason, and Waterfront is all about using the lake to its full potential! Learn to paddle and steer canoes and kayaks, then race your friends. Test your courage tubing behind our high-power speed boats, or learn something new like wakeboarding or water skiing.

Mad Science

Have you ever wondered what science class would be like if you only ever did all the cool stuff? Well, that’s Mad Science! No notes or lectures, just crazy experiments and awesome projects. Campers will get to learn about pressure, electricity, thermodynamics, and more, all in a safe environment. Create bug robots, smoke bombs, mini hover crafts, elephant toothpaste, hydrogen fire balls, dry ice explosions, and more.


Ukulele is a perfect beginner instrument that is simple and easy to learn for all ages. In this skill you will learn basic chords and master a few simple songs. We create a relaxed, social environment that is focused on going at your own pace. Already know how to play? Take your skills and song repertoire to the next level!