Gull News: Super Scamper Camp

Camp has begun!  This weekend we welcomed 85 wee little Scamper Campers (age 5-7) to Gull Lake and oh my, was it ever cute!  One Scamper Camper by themselves is cute, 85 of them gathered together playing, singing, and dancing will melt your heart and put a permanent smile on your face.

Jared Tangjerd, our Program Manager, is brilliant at making comments that are both funny and poignant.  At the Leaders Meeting before scamper camp started on Friday he spoke about the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25.  The story talks about two employees who invested their boss’ money. One invested well while the other was afraid of losing the money so buried it and made no interest.  The parable is about stewardship and taking care of what we have been trusted with.  That we not only keep things safe, but we make them better while under our care.

Jared ended his thought with, “So, basically what I am saying here is don’t bury your kids in the sand.”

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