Summer Staff Positions

Welcome to the Summer Staff 2018 Job Postings!

If you are interested in being part of the 98th anniversary at Gull Lake please check out our current job postings.  We have now started accepting applications and will start conducting interviews in February. Check back to this page for any position updates!

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about our hiring process.  I can be reached at or (403) 782-2495.

Rebecca Machacek Program Manager

Gull Lake Lifestyle Agreement for all Leaders

Gull Lake Centre (GLC) is a Christian institution affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC) that is committed to the moral and spiritual values reflected in the bible and through Christ. It is important that all GLC leaders (paid staff, volunteers, board members, and Leadership Training and Discipleship (LTD) students) model and exemplify those moral and spiritual values. We desire that our leaders, as a result of their relationship with Jesus, and through the workings of the Holy Spirit, exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit as listed in the letter to the Galatians: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

The spiritual and emotional impact our leaders potentially have on campers is significant, therefore, it is imperative we uphold a moral life-style standard that aligns with the values of our churches and of Christ. The following behavioural statements, while not exhaustive, are designed to define appropriate behavior for any prospective leader. The practice or promotion of any of the following behaviours, on and off site and on and off duty, could result in removal from leadership at GLC.

Leaders will not:

  1. Engage in any form of criminal activity
  2. Engage in sexual relationships outside of a biblically defined marriage of one man and one woman
  3. Engage in the use of pornography
  4. Abuse alcohol (drunkenness); Minors must abstain from alcohol. Alcohol is not permitted on GLC property with the exception of permanent staff’s full time residences and the RV park.
  5. Engage in illegal drug use or activity;
  6. Abuse prescription drugs beyond their intended medicinal use
  7. Display aggressive, abusive, or bullying behavior;
  8. Gossip, or display other excluding behaviors detrimental to the camp and leadership community

Important Dates for Staff

First Aid Training: Provided by camp as part of training on June 13-14. All summer staff must submit First Aid certifications (valid within 2 years). If certification is valid, it is not required you attend these 2 days.

Staff Training Dates: June 18-29 Please note: Staff Training is a mandatory requirement for all summer staff.

Summer Staff get most weekends off (from Friday at 5 PM til Sunday 2 PM) but there are a few mandatory weekends. Those are June 23-24, June 30-July 1, and August 25-26.

Core Team  Positions

Core team positions at the camp start a bit earlier and require more experience in both a worldly and camping sense.  The positions range from 12-15 weeks. Applicants must be at least 19 years of age.

Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, have a passion for camp ministry, have a very diligent work ethic, and have the ability to lead their peers through both heavy and light situations.

Core Leader Training will run May 28 – June 12.

Cabin Leader Coordinator – (May 28 – Aug 29) Mentor and equip cabin leaders in a way that supports giving a camper the best week of their year.

LTD Coordinator – (May 7 – Aug 29) Oversee the Leadership Training and Discipleship program which includes running LTD week and LTD out-trips. Also equipping and mentoring three LTD team members and the LTD students.

Waterfront Coordinator – (May 28 – Aug 29) Mentor and equip the waterfront team and oversee the waterfront program. Will be responsible for all waterfront safety and the training of waterfront staff. Is required to have current NLS certifications. It is also a great asset to possess a Pleasure Craft Operator’s license. Strong leadership and decision making qualities are required for this position.

Volunteer Coordinator – (May 28 – Aug 29) Recruit and lead all volunteers through the summer. The camp requires the aid of roughly 5-10 volunteers per week of which the volunteer facilitator is responsible for. There will be other key camp leadership and administrative responsibilities in this core role. The volunteer coordinator leads the summer facilitator team.

Program Coordinator – (May 28 – Aug 29) Oversee and support the summer program staff team which includes all of the skill group leaders, cabin time special events, wide games, and evening programming. Coordinate a creative and exceptional experience for campers.

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Cabin Leading Team Positions

Cabin Leader positions at Gull Lake start on June 18th.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, be exceptionally skilled at working with children/youth by being patient, loving, and gentle. This is the most difficult job at the camp but also has the potential to be the most rewarding as Cabin Leaders are on the front lines with the campers. It is a position that should not be taken lightly and as a result only the best are considered..

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Program Team Positions

Program Team positions start June 18th. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, hardworking, flexible, motivated, skilled with children/youth, and be willing to work on a team.

This summer we are looking for fantastic Program Leaders who are experienced and passionate about their skill. We are revamping both of our Skills and Activities programs this summer, which will change up our schedule from previous years.

Program team members will be specialized in their Skill area and are expected to prepare a lesson plan and teach that skill to campers during a 1.5 hour block of time once/day for 4 days of the week. They will also be required to lead our morning Activities that the kids will also register for prior to arriving for camp. The rest of the day will be spent running other aspects of the programming – wide games, theme meals, worship, and other duties as required.

Because of this we want to empower our Program Leaders to take initiative and ownership of their individual skill. Through the application and hiring process we want those applying to Program Leader positions to pitch us their vision of a creative skill idea that they would love to lead. Obviously there are some staples at camp, like climbing wall and arts, but if you have a fantastic idea for a skill let us know about it on your application and if you are hired we will work with you to develop this skill. Even if you are applying for one of the staples we still want you to pitch us how this skill would run on a day to day basis.

Climbing Wall Leader – Lead all climbing wall and low ropes programming. Responsible for all aspects of climbing wall safety. Mentor and equip climbing wall assistants and campers on the wall. Carry the responsibility for maintaining a positive environment at the wall. Will be required to take the Instructor Accreditation Program.

Arts Leader – Lead the arts skill group. Prepare lesson plans and lead campers through pottery, crafts, painting, and other artistic expressions.

Wide Game Leader – This is a new position at camp this summer. You will lead an activity every morning (it’s up to you to pitch one to us) and every afternoon you will prep the wide game for the evening. We are looking for someone who is passionate about wide games, skilled at running them, willing to take risks to improve the ones we have, and bring in some new ones that we don’t.

Program Leader – Some examples of different activities and skills that you could bring to camp: Drama, Ukele, Sports, Mad Science, Dance, Aviation, Construction… It could be anything you want! You’ll lead both Activities and your Skill. Activities will be a 2 hour time slot that runs every morning. The campers will get to do 5 different Activities over the week. Skills run for 1.5 hours every day. Campers will only do 1 skill 4 times during their week.

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Waterfront Team Positions

Waterfront Team positions at Gull Lake start on June 18th.

Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, be very hard working, and understand how to run the waterfront program safely and effectively.  There are roughly 6 positions and applicants must possess one or more of the following assets:
  • NLS – pool certification (Lifeguard)
  • NLS – waterfront certification
  • Boating experience as well as a Pleasure Craft Operators License
  • Class 5 graduated license or better.
  • Watersports experience (water-skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, surfing)
  • Experience in canoe instructing
  • Fishing experience
The more assets an applicant possesses, the more likely they will be hired to the waterfront team. Apply Online

LTD Team Positions

The LTD team positions start on June 4st. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life. They will assist in the overseeing of the Leadership Training and Discipleship program as well as mentoring and equipping LTDs.

  • LTD Coordinator (and Level Leader)
  • LTD Out Trip Leader
  • LTD Level Leaders (2 positions)

The LTD team positions are the most sought after positions are the camp. Applicants will be prayerfully selected but there are very few spots. Make sure that if you do apply for this position that you also fill out all three of your position choices.

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Facilitator Positions

Facilitator positions are those positions that don’t necessarily fall under a certain core leader and are also not considered core team positions.  Those hired to be facilitators answer directly to the program manager. Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life.  They must be organized, self-motivated, tech savvy, and work well with others.

Worship Leader – (June 13 – Aug 29) Oversee all aspects of worship oriented activities. Plan and direct chapel sessions. Mentor and equip members of the worship team. Be ready to take on other challenges such as tuck, sound setup.

Videographer – (June 11 – Aug 29) Oversee all aspects of film and video at the camp. Put together a professional week-end camp video and create other special projects for camp promotion and marketing. Must be creative, flexible, have a strong independent work ethic and must be willing to take on other challenges.

Photographer – (June 13 – Aug 29) Oversee all aspects related to photography and the summer experience. Organize and assemble cabin photos each week. Must carry the skills to tell the Gull Lake story through social media channels by preparing daily posts. Strong and engaging communication and storytelling skills are essential to this role.

Summer Administrator – (June 4 – Aug 29) This is a jack of all trades role that helps and assists all teams in a supportive capacity. Oversee and create a fun tuck shop experience for campers throughout the summer, assist with registration and administrative details, prepare the memorable moments snacks, and support special theme days and events.

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Nurse / First-Aid Positions

The Nurse/First-Aid position starts June 18th. Applicants must be at least 20 years of age and have completed a minimum of 2 years of nursing, completed EMT, or equivalent.

Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspects of their life, hardworking, self-motivated, have lots of initiative, and able to take direction from those in leadership. The Nurse/First-Aider administers medications and first aid to staff, volunteers, and campers while overseeing all safety procedures.

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Operational Positions

Operational Positions at Gull Lake start in mid-June and go until the end of August. Applicants are required to be at least 17 years of age and any post-secondary or experience in a trade is considered an asset.

Applicants must be actively pursuing Christ in all aspect of their life, hardworking, flexible, motivated, have a lot of initiative, be willing to work on a team, and able to take directions from those in leadership. Attitude and ability are a must, we will train you.

Food Services Team – (June 11 – Aug 29) As part of the food services team, you will be working a bit more behind the scene by preparing and serving food and generally making camp a hospitable place, where campers and guest feel welcome. A servant attitude is mandatory, but you don’t have to have any skills or experience, we will train you. You will also get to spend time with campers at activities with Adopt-a-Program.

Maintenance Team – (June 18 – Aug 29 ) Work in a team atmosphere behind the scenes to keep the camp running smoothly. Work duties include mowing, weed whipping, building projects, and other various tasks. The maintenance team also assists the program staff in practical setup.

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For Students

If you are a student in both semesters of the 2017/2018 school year and you are planning and applying for school next year, there is potentially more money available for you.  The camp has applied for federal grants designated to helping student workers.  If we are approved then there is a possibility you could see an increase in salary to help cover tuition costs.

Spring and Fall Staff

Spring Staff – We hire a few summer staff positions with an earlier start date to help us in the early camp preparations to gear up for the summer. This includes work projects such as hanging rocks on the climbing wall, moving equipment around, general camp maintenance, setting up tipis, etc. It also includes running programming for our rental groups, as well as hosting, cleaning, and assisting in the kitchen.

These positions begin April 30 and run right up until staff training. If you are interested in one of these positions, please email

Fall Staff – We also have a few staff positions available in the fall where we keep summer staff on to help us return camp into retreat season order and run programming for our fall bookings. This also includes general kitchen and maintenance work. These positions run from Aug 30 – Sept 30. Please talk with us during the summer if this interests you.