LTD Fundraising FAQ

  1. Why did the LTD Program cost $950 in 2017 and is $1500 in 2018? That appears to be a significant change.

  2. The reality of the LTD program is that it costs the camp $2600/student each year to facilitate. We believe this is worth it. In order to continue to run the program, the cost per student had to increase. By grouping all funds together (instead of an individual fee), we are able to issue tax receipts and are better able to support the program and the students.

  3. Why the change to a fundraising model?

  4. Shifting from an “LTD Fee” to a “Group Funding Program” allows all donations to qualify for a tax receipt as Gull Lake Centre is a non-profit charity.

    Details regarding tax receipts and tax credits for charitable giving can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency. You can explore your personal tax situation further through a tax calculator here.

  5. If all the donations are collaboratively pooled into a group funding program, are you able to track donations?

  6. Yes, absolutely. All donations will be designated to the LTD who fundraised them.

  7. When and how can LTD’s begin fundraising?

  8. Shortly after they are accepted into the program, LTD’s will be emailed a link with access to set-up their online fundraising platform through CanadaHelps. Each LTD will have their own donation webpage that can be easily shared through email and social media.

  9. How can donors go about making a donation to support an LTD?

    1. Donate online
      You can make a donation using your credit card or Pay Pal on the LTD’s donation website.
    2. Donate by cheque
      You can send us a cheque the good old fashioned way and mail it to us at:
      Site 1 Box 6 RR #3 Lacombe, Alberta, Canada T4L 2N3
    3. Donate by phone
      You can call the office at (403) 782-2495 to make a donation by credit card.
      *Important Note: To properly designate your donation, please specify the LTD’s name

  10. How do I get my tax receipt?

    • If you donate online, your tax receipt is issued immediately directly from CanadaHelps.
    • If you donate by cheque or phone, a tax receipt will be issued at year-end from Gull Lake Centre.

  11. If I raise above the minimum required amount of $1500, can I carry forward the donations from one year of LTD to the next?

  12. No. This is very important to understand. We are not able to carry over the funds from each LTD’s fundraising account from one year to the next. All funds raised in 2018 will be used for the 2018 program.

  13. What is the deadline to have my fundraising completed and submitted by?

  14. We have 2 fundraising deadlines to ensure students are tracking with this.

    • We require each student to have submitted $1000 prior to June 15th 2018
    • We require the remaining amount ($500 minimum) to be submitted by September 30th 2018

  15. Can my church send one cheque to support multiple LTD’s?

  16. Yes. The church will need to specify the LTD’s name and amount.

  17. What if I cannot fundraise the required $1500? Does that mean I cannot do LTD?

  18. No. We will sensitively navigate each LTD’s situation on a case-by-case basis. What we want to see is that you have given your best effort. Please communicate with us.

  19. How will the camp help the LTD fundraise towards their minimum required amount?

  20. We are committed to helping support LTD’s with this as much as we can.

    • We will provide an online donation website through CanadaHelps for each LTD
    • We will seek out partner fundraising opportunities and we will share creative ideas with the LTD’s.
    • We will send a donation request letter to the LTD’s church.

  21. What if I don’t want to fundraise? Can I just donate $1500?

  22. Yes, that’s definitely an option.

  23. Is all money that is fundraised eligible for a tax receipt?

  24. Not necessarily. Only cases where a true donor can be recorded. For example, a bottle drive or bake sale is not eligible. Read here for more information.