What to Expect

Wake Up

At about 8:00 we wake up the campers to start off the day. Wake up is an hour later at Senior Teens.


After wake up we have some morning exercises or games including pillow fights, obstacle courses (the gauntlet), and other fun challenges. Campers are usually still a little drowsy at this time but they wake up by the end.



This is a 2 hour part of each day where campers get to work on a skill area that interests them. During registration you get to pick which skill you work on for your week of camp. Check out the available skills here.



After Lunch we open up the Tuck shop where campers can spend deposited money on food, drinks, camp clothing and other cool stuff.

Beach Time

We head to the beach while the afternoon is still young to spend a couple of hours in the sun. At the beach campers can go tubing, canoeing, play swamp soccer, beach volleyball, frolic in the water or just relax on the beach while having a great conversation with a friend.

Cabin Time

Once we get back from the beach there is time for campers in a cabin to hang out together and get a taste of different things the camp can offer. All things that can be done during skills (climbing, tubing, arts, games, etc.) can be done with your cabin during this time.


Occasionally the Arts Staff Team will organize theme meals. This past summer we had many different ones such as 1950s night (as well as theme nights for the 60s, 70s, and 80s), super hero night, seniors bingo night and of course the formal dinner at the end of Senior Teens.

Evening Event

Each night we play a massive wide game with the entire camp participating. Favourites include: Lord of the Rings, Annihilation, Civilization, and many others.

Mug Up

Mug up is just a code word we use for an evening snack. Occasionally we will set up a coffee house for the campers to hang out in.


Everyone gathers for some more time to worship together. Be ready to hear the speaker will give another talk or someone will give their testimony during this time.

Lights Out

After about half an hour to hang out and get ready for bed everyone hits the sack for the night.