Scamper & Camper FAQ’s

Q: I have always sent my child to scamper camp alone and they love having a weekend experience away. Is it required I come as an adult?

A: Absolutely not! This camp is set up where scampers can come independently or along with their parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or guardian.


Q: I am a dad and I’d love to come with my daughter. Or I’m a mom and would love to come with my son. How does that work??

A: No problem. We can absolutely accommodate this. We are very careful, thoughtful, & intentional in our cabin arrangement planning.

There are 4 ways we will structure cabins:

  1. Scampers (individual kids that come independently or with friends)
  2. Scampers & Campers
  • Female Adult (mom’s, grandma’s, aunts, guardians) & female child
  1. Scampers & Campers
  • Male Adult (dad’s, grandpa’s, uncles, guardians) & male child
  1. Scampers & Campers Mixed
  • All adults in these cabins will be the same gender. Children may be male or female in these cabins (ex. mom/daughter or mom/son)

*Every cabin arrangement will still have a Gull Lake Centre cabin leader assigned that will sleep in the cabin & will create a meaningful & memorable camp experience.


Q: Gull Lake Centre is a child safe organization and ministry, how do you invite parents and adult campers in while protecting children?

A: All adults (staff, volunteers, & adult scamper campers) are required to have an up to date criminal record check completed (must be valid from January 2017 onwards). This is absolutely mandatory and must be submitted before the deadline and no exceptions will be made.


Q: How do I go about having a criminal record check done?

A: This is a simple process but here’s an early warning, it does take time. You’ll need to go into your local police station in person and ask for one with the vulnerable sector cleared. This may come with a fee (which you will need to cover). Then it takes several weeks to process and you will need to pick it up.


Q: When is the deadline for criminal record checks to be received?

A: All criminal record checks must be received by the deadline of June 1st, 2017


Q: I had a criminal record check completed for another organization, can I submit that?

A: Yes. However we must receive the original copy and it must be current as of January 1, 2017. We are not able to accept photocopies.


Q: I have 2 kids between the ages of 5-7 I would like to attend with both, is that possible?

A: Yes. There is a maximum of 2 kids that can be directly assigned with an adult camper. Quality focused time between a guardian and child is the purpose of this camp feature.


Q: I have 3 children I’d like to bring and I realize the scampers are ages 5 -7. Are you able to accommodate an 8-year old?

A: Maybe. Please give us a call and we will see if we can navigate this for you.


Q: My husband and I would love to come with our daughter as a scamper, is that an option?

A: This unfortunately does not work for us. However, we offer an exceptional Family Camp that would likely be a perfect fit!


Q: This is helpful, but I still have a few more questions.

A: We’re expecting questions as this is a new thing. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!