Inter Winter Camp

This camp is for kids in grades 4-6! We get to spend so much time with so many of you in the summer, and we can’t wait a whole year to have you back. So this camp is just for you and runs Feb 9-11th. We’d love to invite you out for a weekend of awesome to give you a break from school, help connect you with new friends and old ones, and make some the kinds of memories that are unique and special to the crazy life of camp. Bring out the snow pants, mitts, toques, boots, sleds, hot chocolate, and let’s live up this weekend together! $125 to register.


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Jr & Sr High Winter Camp

The leaves are falling, the cold is coming, but the beauty & wonder of camp goes on! We get to run camp for students in grade 7-12 on March 2-4th. Camp is capable of ridiculous amounts of fun and adventure. All summer long. And all winter long too!

We’ll have skating, luging, campfires, hot chocolate, and will enjoy the fullness of winter together. Invite your friends and lots of them! This is going to be an awesome weekend. We love hanging out with you teens and we know the crazy amounts of fun and depth yet to be discovered and enjoyed with you. $125/person.

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2018 Summer Camp!

Give Camp for Christmas

This year registration is open much earlier than previous years. We did this so campers will get the chance to experience getting camp for Christmas. We wanted to make sure that if you have registered and paid for camp before Christmas that there would be something to put under the tree to be unwrapped on Christmas morning. So if you register and pay for camp before December 10th we will mail you a small gift to put under the tree. If you want to see a picture of the gift click here.


2018 Summer Camp Schedule

Camp Age Date Price
Scamper Camp 5-7 June 22 – 24 $155
Scamper & Camper Scamper 5-7 and

Camper 18+

June 22 – 24 $310
LTD Week 14-18 June 30 – July 6 TBA
Junior Teens 1 12 – 14 July 8 – 13 $425
Inter 1 9 – 12 July 15 – 20 $425
Family Camp All Ages July 22 – 27 See Below
Inter 2 9 – 12 July 29 – Aug 3 $425
Jr Boys & Girls 7 – 10 Aug 7 – 10 $295
Junior Teens 2 12 – 14 August 12 – 17 $425
Senior Teens 14 – 18 August 19 – 25 $455
Family Camp Price:

Family camp cost is your chosen accommodation plus the number of people attending.

Accommodation Costs
  • Pod Cabins $1050
  • Traditional Cabins $750
  • RV or Off Site $750
Per Person Costs
  • Age 0-2: Free
  • Age 3-15: $50
  • Age 16 and above: $100

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