Family Camp 2014

This week we had 137 campers from 34 families join us for Family Camp! It was a great week of memory making, family bonding, renewal, refreshment, and of course fun! 

Seeing a room full of smiling mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons all dancing and laughing together was a beautiful moment.  It was a time that I feel captured the heart of this week – a time set aside for families to come together, put aside their duties, chores, and worries, and spend quality time making memories and connecting deeply.  It was life to the full and it was awesome!  

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Inter 1 Camp!

Last week we had 135 nine to eleven year olds out for Inter #1 camp. Our speaker, Ezra, challenged these kids to live a Missional Life. He acknowledged that they are young and not likely to go and sell everything to enter full time missions, but he challenged them to listen to where God is leading and calling them. Leaders and campers alike were reminded to go and live out the Good News of Jesus that we can be in relationship with a God who loves and cares for us. God planted seeds through the words that Ezra said this week, which will take root and grow over time.  
As I was walking to the leader’s meeting Friday morning I saw a single, solitary handprint smack in the middle of the sidewalk with no clues as to who left it, why they left it, or where they went afterwards; but the print was there. This unknown camper left their mark on this place and while I walked passed it struck me that in time these campers will leave their mark on the world. I am honoured that their week at Gull Lake is a part of the preparation to go and make their mark.  

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LTD Week 2014

This past week we had 61 high school students join us for their LTD training week.  LTD week is not like a regular week of camp; the students spend a lot less time having fun at the beach and a lot more time in session and in lectures learning about God, themselves and how to run camp. During LTD Week they are in session about 6.5 hours each day.  This is the cost of being an LTD.  Most of these students had just finished their school year a day or two before coming to camp but instead of relaxing and resting their brains they chose to learn about risk management and what to do if there is a tornado at camp.

But there is also a reward.

Watch the video above and check out our newsletter to read interviews with LTDs about their first week in the program and their outtrips!

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