9 Things to Remember About Camp

With only nine more weeks until camp begins Gull Lakers are reminiscing about past summers. Certain aspects of camp always seem bigger, brighter, and better.

1) Games are wider
– Dave Wightman

2) Food is tastier 
– Cory Holte

3) Campfires are brighter
There are five firepits for your cabin to use!

4) Strangers are friends faster
– Angus Dickhout

5) Shade is cooler
Zinc up your nose! Try not to get sunburnt.

6) Cut-off jeans shorts are cooler 
– Jared Tangjerd

7) Everyone is louder
– Ceara Crawford

8) Songs are sillier
Tootsie wootsie!

9) Climbing walls are taller 
– Stewart Littel

Bonus: Mosquitoes are bigger
Extra Bonus: Memories are clearer
– Steve Roadhouse

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Spring Camp for Youth Pastors

For Gull Lake Centre’s first ever Spring Camp we partnered with the Children Family Minister of Westview Baptist Church (Calgary), Dawn Medgett.

Dawn not only brought us 27 wonderful children between grades four and six, but was also the guest speaker and a Cabin Leader. She wanted to share with you the impact that Gull Lake Centre and camp had on her ministry and the opportunity it could bring your children’s ministry.

What was your favourite part of Spring Camp?

The kids! I love getting to pretend that I am still a kid.
Gull Lake Centre ran all of the programming, meals, and logistics. This meant that I had more time to play, focus on ministry, and work on relationships.

Did you feel Spring Camp helped or added to your regular ministry?

There is something special about camp that allows you to bond deeper than a couple hours a week allows. A sense of community with me personally and with each other was built.
My cabin members were all from the same Sunday School group. Within 72 hours the kids knew each other better and their friendships deepened.
Camp allowed for a more intense ministry opportunity. Every Sunday School teacher would benefit from a few days at camp with their kids.

Will you and your youth group come to Gull Lake Centre’s Spring Camp next year?

Definitely! I would encourage anyone who has an opportunity through clubs or Sunday School to bring their kids to camp.

Is there anything else you would like to note for youth pastors about Gull Lake Centre or our first Spring Camp?

If you are committed to child ministry you should bring your kids to camp.

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